Wednesday, March 14, 2018

It's Been Sooooo Long

Hi, excuse me, are you guys still my friends?

I think I've forgotten how to do this.. it's been so long..
Hello.. is this working?

I'm going to put down a few words, before I find another excuse, not to talk to you guys.
I'm hopeless at this.. writing thing. My G+ family are so clever and amazing, I'm just getting in the way I think..
I find myself reading and commenting more these days, and placing car pictures (don't ask me why, just go with it) on G+ to make sure they don't take my account away!( could they do that?)

It's March already, gees it's racing on and I haven't sat down to enter anything, since like.. last year!, heck, that's so bad, and feeling embarrassed, calling myself a blogger!, Ha.

Look... way back in the beginning of this wonderful world of blogging I adopted the goal to write better, write better than a child, but I needed to learn to read first and I think I've achieved that goal. I'm  much happier now, now that I can put words down before chickening out and deleting everything, because I'm not sure if, what I write even, makes sense or just down right dumb.

 I've learnt so much  following you guys, yes, I owe you all so much. My confidence in doing my daily job, as a courier driver, dealing with packages across town with ease. Yes, it's true,
 I know this because, since I've taken on this business, word of mouth has made my customer base,  climb from 32 clients, too 40 clients coming on board. That's huge to me, I never thought in a million years, to trust myself  to read directions, let alone deliver to the right places!. My business of 3yrs 3mths, has never let a customer down, all parcels delivered safely and on time, phew!, it can be crazy at times, but so rewarding. 

I'm doing it guys, yep, with a little help from my friends (my lovely G+ family), giving me the confidence, holding my head up high and doing it myself!...  this is my chance right now to thank you all xx