Sunday, December 27, 2015

Jar Of Memories

Thank-you Tim Clark from Life Explains Smiles for inviting me to post on my favorite subject.

I'm scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed page and come across the most wonderful idea that I'm going to do for myself and Mr. Rose. This is my first post here at. It really appeals to me and I can recycle a jar.

The idea is to get a good-sized glass jar, colored paper, and a pen. The idea is for every good thing that happens over the new year, write it down, putting it in the jar.

When the year is over read all the scrolls.

What good things would you like to happen over the new year. I love stories so do tell.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Today, We Begin.

It is Christmas morning, and we are waiting. Waiting for our children, young men, now, to get up. Times have changed. They used to wake up early. And wake us up early. Now, we wake them up around 10:00, too early for their tastes. But, we get hungry.

These memories bring a smile to my face. And I am waiting for the dough to rise and throw the cinnamon rolls into the oven. What better time to launch this new blog.

It grew out of an exchange with +Trina Emmerson, about the power of kindness, and civility. We reasoned that smiling was the most powerful weapon the average person could employ in an effort to save the world from humanity.

Yes, we know it is a long shot, but if everybody would work to be a kinder, a little more polite, the world would be a better place.

So, we decided to start a blog dedicated to sharing stories of kindness, civility, and generosity.

Here is the first story.

A young man, a talented wrestler, who was riding the wave of an undefeated season sacrificed his perfect record to help a disabled competitor.

Anybody who competes in anything knows the difficulty involved in reaching the lofty heights of a perfect season. Such a generous act from a person so young.

Landon Towne, thank you. It was a wonderful thing you did. Finding the power in your heart to be so noble, and so kind, we here at Life Explained want to thank you, and offer your story as proof that the world can still be saved.

There are so many good things happening in the world, and this is the place to talk about them. If you have one let us know.

Thank you,