Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Where Will I Be A Hundred Years From Now #5 #FixThePlus

So we had our fresh posies, fresh mushrooms, Golden Crumbles, our story-teller, 
fresh brewed Ale from our goblin friend and music. Oh, the fun we were going to have...... continued

       Where Will I Be A Hundred Years From Now

I told the girls thank-you for picking the most gorgeous flowers putting them in little vases on the tables. They were so pretty livening up the patio.

Purples,pinks and yellows bursting with color were the flowers growing wild along the trails and forest.

The huge sunflowers were bowing their heads hello while the wind swept through the landscape making the trees and flowers dance.

Yoda the farey was feinting around changing colors with the flowers blending in disappearing occasionally. She was a funny little thing.

 Tom the Guardian of all the forest folk stopped by saying all was well all around.  Pooky the Pitbull lay a few feet away smiling in a doggy way at all the excitement.

 The kittens were trying to get in the way while mama cat told them, "no no, little ones", "stay out from being underfoot."

You could hear in the close distance Ariel the Mermaid humming with her mermaid tribe getting ready to sing at my party. They sounded beautifully melodically in tune and ready.
 For those of you who don't want Ale this giant Tulip will supply you with what you need I told everyone.

The bumblebees have been busy pollinating filling up the tulips with sweet nectar.

No swimming in the nectar I warned Tic the farey for he was eyeing it.
 Sweet adorable woodland critters were creeping up to the edge of the party looking with surprise at all the people who were dipping into the mushrooms and the Golden Crumbles telling each other how good everything was and how they couldn't wait for the festivities to start! It shalt be long I cried out.

 The sun was fading out so I went inside my little cottage grabbing my farey lantern and called out to the firefly's to come help light up area which they gladly did fluttering slowly all around which made the yard look even more magical then it already did.

Calling to Ariel and her Mermaid friends they all came out of the clear crystal clear water legs replacing where fins were walking down the trail sitting down together on the big boulder and started to sing such beautiful music everyone was entranced.

+DL Keur , +Plain Jane (???) , +Trina Emmerson , +Nikki DeMc , +Diana Bauder , +Barbara Brittain , +R. J. Nello , +Adele Archer , +S. Austin Vincoski , +Christian Touchet , +S. Bradley Stoner . +Tim Clark , +Aleks K. Shaw , +Mike Raven , and +Jeremy Crow  all had a wonderful time eating, drinking and dancing their fill until it was time to go home.

Look into this magic mirror and chant I want to go home and poof you will be home and it will feel like you never had left.

The End

I hope you enjoyed the story. It's a first for me to write one of my made-up stories. I enjoyed myself and I hope you did as well.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Where Will I Be A Hundred Years From Now #4 #FixThePlus

    Where Will I Be A Hundred Years From Now 

Out of nowhere Yoda the Farey came riding in on her steed Bumblebee calling out we are all ready with the music to dance and listen to! Oh, it was going to be a party no one would forget....

"We need music, beautiful soul music", I said, and I know where to go! So
+DL Keur , +Plain Jane (✈👩) , +Trina Emmerson , +Nikki DeMc , +Diana Bauder , +Barbara Brittain , +R. J. Nello , +Adele Archer , +S. Austin Vincoski , +Christian Touchet , +S. Bradley Stoner . +Tim Clark , +Aleks K. Shaw , +Mike Raven , and +Jeremy Crow  all followed the pathway leading to the falls where the mermaids were swimming.

Arriving at the falls I called out, "Ariel, are you there"? Followed by a shrill startled  shriek, "You surprised me", Ariel shouted, "I have to cover up" as she dove back down into the blue crystal clear water. "Sorry", I shouted as everyone's mouth dropped open at the sight of a real live mermaid especially a half naked one at that.

Everyone stood at the pond's edge  having already taken off their shoes and socks started dipping their toes in the water. "The water's nice and chilly" exclaimed +Trina Emmerson taking in the sights of the surrounding landscape. "It's so magical and pretty," she said to +Jeremy Crow , come and get your feet wet!

At just that moment Ariel came into view looking much better covered up. Smiling she asked, "What can I do for you +Sheryl Rose "? "Can you and your mermaid friends please sing for my party, pretty please"? I asked. "Why I would be delighted", Ariel replied. And we had our music. "It will be later tonight if not tomorrow", I said, for the time didn't really count in this land of magic."

So we had our fresh posies, fresh mushrooms, Golden Crumbles, our story-teller, fresh brewed Ale from our goblin friend and music. Oh, the fun we were going to have.

Stayed tuned for more story telling of a magical party....

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Where Will I Be A Hundred Years From Now #3 #FixThePlus

As we walked the willow trees bowed down to us tickling the tops of our heads gently swaying in the air waltz that only they heard. Everyone was chattering about our party exclaiming how fun it would be....to be continued

     Where Will I Be A Hundred Years From Now?

...how fun it would be to take rides on my pet magical giraffe named Nellie if she was around. Going around the bend I could see my grass covered cottage built around a five-hundred-year-old Webber tree who was busy shaking her branches at the cawing crows flying trying to land on her branches. Shew, fly away you ugly birds you nosey, loud thieves, shew!

I could see that +Jill Cartlidge , +Nikki DeMc were over admiring my small waterfall with the tiniest of glow fish that darted under rocks coming back out again. Hi, you guys I called out. I'm so glad to see you. Calling out hello they walked around in wonder. "Your yard is so pretty they exclaimed" to which I agreed.

I owe it to Clump I explained, he was the watcher of my part of the woods collecting pretty colored shells and rocks all wove into a brilliant path around my little home. Mr. Clump came walking up with  +Mike Raven+Jeremy Crow, and +S. Bradley Stoner looking like a miniature Gnome with the men towering above him. He had been making an ale out back asking if anyone wanted a glass.

Out of nowhere Yoda the Farey came riding in on her steed Bumblebee calling out we are all ready with the music to dance and listen to! Oh, it was going to be a party no one would forget....

Stay tuned for more magical storytelling from Grandma Rose.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Where Will I Be A Hundred Years From Now? #2

continued and that's not even where I live...

I was getting hungry listening to the growling noise coming from my stomach announcing to my friends who had shown up as the flowers were turning different shades of color watching a tiny farey talking with a tiny firefly go buzzing off merrily in search of golden crumbles which was a sugary magical treat, would you like to follow me home for a mid-meal snack?

+DL Keur , +Plain Jane (✈👩) and +Trina Emmerson all said yes! We will come, we will pick posies for the table there are so many vibrant colors. Maybe we will come across  hummingbirds to follow us to your home to stay.

The smallest of the whales called out stay to the path or you will get lost. The dolphins nodded in agreement. Don't worry we won't stray far from the path, it's only a twenty minute walk. They started walking, everyone was barefoot enjoying the lush fullness of the grass between thier toes.

Up ahead we spotted +Nikki DeMc , +Diana Bauder and +Barbara Brittain all collecting mushrooms putting them into thier baskets. Oh goody I exclaimed, we can add that to our golden crumbles it will be magnificent! Join us will you I asked, I would love the company.

We rounded the bend now seeing R.J. Nello whom I excitedly asked if he would tell us stories of Spain and the other places he had been so he also joined our little party. It was starting to get a little darker so we all walked a little faster with little mice calling out hello begging for scraps. The mushrooms we had gave you a magical tour of a land no one had ever seen and were in great demand.

As we walked the willow trees bowed down to us tickling the tops of our heads gently swaying in the air waltz that only they heard. Everyone was chattering about our party exclaiming how fun it would be....to be continued

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Where Will I be A hundred Years From Now? #1 #FixThePlus

I saw that question somewhere along my blog reading thinking to myself, well at 57 I highly doubt I will still be on this earth, then my imagination took over.

I'm sitting on a big rock surrounded by lush green grass, a willow tree overhead a stream merrily trickling along into a large pond.

I have no aches, no sore joints, having the body the same age as my inner child. I can shimmer in and out for my inner child is ageless as is my soul. I'm wearing a shimmering dress that sparkles and changes color with every movement I make.

Scattered here and there are the most radiant of flowers all different colors in bright purples,blues, and pinks. I am of course barefoot for there is no trash to be seen on the water or around anywhere as far as the eye can see.

Huge sunflowers are scattered everywhere.

In the pond are a family of whales, dolphins and flying fish all adapted to fresh water and scaled down in size. They come up to the shore as I toss them treats merrily chanting in dolphin language with the ways shoot water high into the air.

I have a Pitbull, Chia, a mother cat with her kittens and they can all talk most days chattering away amongst themselves. They were talking excitedly about the colors of the last magnificent rainbow of last yesterday.

Night time there is always a full moon with fireflies darting here and there racing along with the little fairy's that love to twinkle in the night sky. Everything shimmers and sparkles with giant fireworks that go off every night.

And that's not even where I live...to be continued.

Friday, May 13, 2016

How to Avoid Puddles When Your Walking In The Rain #FixThePlus #FollowFridays

Got you there...you DON'T!

I just got back from a lovely walk in the rain to get a few things from the store. The Pepsi Company is promoting Mountain Dew Pitch Black which after opening and pouring a glass I discovered it tastes faintly of grape. I think my typing just sped up.

I went with my black trusty umbrella loving the sound of raindrops coming to a puddle. You guessed it. With great joy, I splashed right through.

I was in my element with rain pattering my open umbrella, the river roaring in the background, puddles everywhere I swear I must have been a dolphin in my past life!

Do you enjoy the rain as much as I do?

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Kids Are People Too

I don't know why but this song is always running through my mind so I'm going to share so hopefully it will run through yours as well:) I used to sing this to my children.

Kids Are People Too

Some people think that kids are just kids
But, kids are people too
And just like me and you
they've all got hearts
And they got feelin's
But, grown ups say
It's best if they are seen and never heard
But, still without a word they can be heard

If we'll just listen
It's funny
But, if you look you'll find
that kids are colored blind
When they look at each other
In their site, black, yellow and white
are all just shades of gray
In their minds we're all the same
And we're to blame if they should change them
So maybe we should listen
to what kids have to say
And if we let them reach us
Maybe they just might teach us
And maybe you and me might be like children too

Thank you Bobby Goldsboro.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

What Is Your Summer Time Smile

The Magic Of Fireflies

My summer time favorite thing, besides the local ice cream shop is Fireflies.  I have always loved Fireflies. My earliest memory of those little  buggy lights was in Kansa City, Kansas where my mother's sister lived.

It's so cool that when you travel somewhere else it may have the same trees, grass, flowers, and shrubbery, they are a different hue of green. Anyways in my Aunt's front yard was deep, soft,  green grass that delighted my bare feet all nice and cool in the evening dusk.

My cousins and I were outside playing when I spotted some fireflies flitting here and there. I was fifteen at the time but all the same, I had the excitement of a young child.

Running into the house my cousin grabbed a glass jar yelling over our shoulders we were going to catch fireflies. I was told to gently catch them so the powder or dust wouldn't rub off on your hands.

When the jar was full it was truly magical as it lit up in the dark. Nature's own flashlight. We all ran about amidst those fireflies late into the evening pretending they were really little fairies. I still smile to think of that night.

What summertime activity makes you smile?

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Here's Something To Smile About:)

MAY 6TH 2016

Since I have a son in the military and a stay at home now, Daughter-In-Law raising my first born grandson, I like this 'fun' holiday.

Show your spouse some love tomorrow by if your spouse is overseas, call or Skype him/her, showing how much you care.

If he/she is not overseas write a little love note, do something special for them, show your love and appreciation.

Have a great day!