Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Where Will I Be A Hundred Years From Now #5 #FixThePlus

So we had our fresh posies, fresh mushrooms, Golden Crumbles, our story-teller, 
fresh brewed Ale from our goblin friend and music. Oh, the fun we were going to have...... continued

       Where Will I Be A Hundred Years From Now

I told the girls thank-you for picking the most gorgeous flowers putting them in little vases on the tables. They were so pretty livening up the patio.

Purples,pinks and yellows bursting with color were the flowers growing wild along the trails and forest.

The huge sunflowers were bowing their heads hello while the wind swept through the landscape making the trees and flowers dance.

Yoda the farey was feinting around changing colors with the flowers blending in disappearing occasionally. She was a funny little thing.

 Tom the Guardian of all the forest folk stopped by saying all was well all around.  Pooky the Pitbull lay a few feet away smiling in a doggy way at all the excitement.

 The kittens were trying to get in the way while mama cat told them, "no no, little ones", "stay out from being underfoot."

You could hear in the close distance Ariel the Mermaid humming with her mermaid tribe getting ready to sing at my party. They sounded beautifully melodically in tune and ready.
 For those of you who don't want Ale this giant Tulip will supply you with what you need I told everyone.

The bumblebees have been busy pollinating filling up the tulips with sweet nectar.

No swimming in the nectar I warned Tic the farey for he was eyeing it.
 Sweet adorable woodland critters were creeping up to the edge of the party looking with surprise at all the people who were dipping into the mushrooms and the Golden Crumbles telling each other how good everything was and how they couldn't wait for the festivities to start! It shalt be long I cried out.

 The sun was fading out so I went inside my little cottage grabbing my farey lantern and called out to the firefly's to come help light up area which they gladly did fluttering slowly all around which made the yard look even more magical then it already did.

Calling to Ariel and her Mermaid friends they all came out of the clear crystal clear water legs replacing where fins were walking down the trail sitting down together on the big boulder and started to sing such beautiful music everyone was entranced.

+DL Keur , +Plain Jane (???) , +Trina Emmerson , +Nikki DeMc , +Diana Bauder , +Barbara Brittain , +R. J. Nello , +Adele Archer , +S. Austin Vincoski , +Christian Touchet , +S. Bradley Stoner . +Tim Clark , +Aleks K. Shaw , +Mike Raven , and +Jeremy Crow  all had a wonderful time eating, drinking and dancing their fill until it was time to go home.

Look into this magic mirror and chant I want to go home and poof you will be home and it will feel like you never had left.

The End

I hope you enjoyed the story. It's a first for me to write one of my made-up stories. I enjoyed myself and I hope you did as well.

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