Saturday, May 7, 2016

What Is Your Summer Time Smile

The Magic Of Fireflies

My summer time favorite thing, besides the local ice cream shop is Fireflies.  I have always loved Fireflies. My earliest memory of those little  buggy lights was in Kansa City, Kansas where my mother's sister lived.

It's so cool that when you travel somewhere else it may have the same trees, grass, flowers, and shrubbery, they are a different hue of green. Anyways in my Aunt's front yard was deep, soft,  green grass that delighted my bare feet all nice and cool in the evening dusk.

My cousins and I were outside playing when I spotted some fireflies flitting here and there. I was fifteen at the time but all the same, I had the excitement of a young child.

Running into the house my cousin grabbed a glass jar yelling over our shoulders we were going to catch fireflies. I was told to gently catch them so the powder or dust wouldn't rub off on your hands.

When the jar was full it was truly magical as it lit up in the dark. Nature's own flashlight. We all ran about amidst those fireflies late into the evening pretending they were really little fairies. I still smile to think of that night.

What summertime activity makes you smile?

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  1. I miss fireflies! I think they are the only bug I'm not afraid of. We don't have them in Florida. Bummer. Catch one for me Sheryl!