Sunday, May 8, 2016

Kids Are People Too

I don't know why but this song is always running through my mind so I'm going to share so hopefully it will run through yours as well:) I used to sing this to my children.

Kids Are People Too

Some people think that kids are just kids
But, kids are people too
And just like me and you
they've all got hearts
And they got feelin's
But, grown ups say
It's best if they are seen and never heard
But, still without a word they can be heard

If we'll just listen
It's funny
But, if you look you'll find
that kids are colored blind
When they look at each other
In their site, black, yellow and white
are all just shades of gray
In their minds we're all the same
And we're to blame if they should change them
So maybe we should listen
to what kids have to say
And if we let them reach us
Maybe they just might teach us
And maybe you and me might be like children too

Thank you Bobby Goldsboro.

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