Thursday, May 26, 2016

Where Will I Be A Hundred Years From Now #4 #FixThePlus

    Where Will I Be A Hundred Years From Now 

Out of nowhere Yoda the Farey came riding in on her steed Bumblebee calling out we are all ready with the music to dance and listen to! Oh, it was going to be a party no one would forget....

"We need music, beautiful soul music", I said, and I know where to go! So
+DL Keur , +Plain Jane (✈👩) , +Trina Emmerson , +Nikki DeMc , +Diana Bauder , +Barbara Brittain , +R. J. Nello , +Adele Archer , +S. Austin Vincoski , +Christian Touchet , +S. Bradley Stoner . +Tim Clark , +Aleks K. Shaw , +Mike Raven , and +Jeremy Crow  all followed the pathway leading to the falls where the mermaids were swimming.

Arriving at the falls I called out, "Ariel, are you there"? Followed by a shrill startled  shriek, "You surprised me", Ariel shouted, "I have to cover up" as she dove back down into the blue crystal clear water. "Sorry", I shouted as everyone's mouth dropped open at the sight of a real live mermaid especially a half naked one at that.

Everyone stood at the pond's edge  having already taken off their shoes and socks started dipping their toes in the water. "The water's nice and chilly" exclaimed +Trina Emmerson taking in the sights of the surrounding landscape. "It's so magical and pretty," she said to +Jeremy Crow , come and get your feet wet!

At just that moment Ariel came into view looking much better covered up. Smiling she asked, "What can I do for you +Sheryl Rose "? "Can you and your mermaid friends please sing for my party, pretty please"? I asked. "Why I would be delighted", Ariel replied. And we had our music. "It will be later tonight if not tomorrow", I said, for the time didn't really count in this land of magic."

So we had our fresh posies, fresh mushrooms, Golden Crumbles, our story-teller, fresh brewed Ale from our goblin friend and music. Oh, the fun we were going to have.

Stayed tuned for more story telling of a magical party....

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  1. It's interesting that your friends are characters in this story. What a fun idea. It reminds me of a little exercise I did with some writing friends, where one friend would continue the story where the other left off. That one was a fantasy too. :)