Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Where Will I Be A Hundred Years From Now? #2

continued and that's not even where I live...

I was getting hungry listening to the growling noise coming from my stomach announcing to my friends who had shown up as the flowers were turning different shades of color watching a tiny farey talking with a tiny firefly go buzzing off merrily in search of golden crumbles which was a sugary magical treat, would you like to follow me home for a mid-meal snack?

+DL Keur , +Plain Jane (✈👩) and +Trina Emmerson all said yes! We will come, we will pick posies for the table there are so many vibrant colors. Maybe we will come across  hummingbirds to follow us to your home to stay.

The smallest of the whales called out stay to the path or you will get lost. The dolphins nodded in agreement. Don't worry we won't stray far from the path, it's only a twenty minute walk. They started walking, everyone was barefoot enjoying the lush fullness of the grass between thier toes.

Up ahead we spotted +Nikki DeMc , +Diana Bauder and +Barbara Brittain all collecting mushrooms putting them into thier baskets. Oh goody I exclaimed, we can add that to our golden crumbles it will be magnificent! Join us will you I asked, I would love the company.

We rounded the bend now seeing R.J. Nello whom I excitedly asked if he would tell us stories of Spain and the other places he had been so he also joined our little party. It was starting to get a little darker so we all walked a little faster with little mice calling out hello begging for scraps. The mushrooms we had gave you a magical tour of a land no one had ever seen and were in great demand.

As we walked the willow trees bowed down to us tickling the tops of our heads gently swaying in the air waltz that only they heard. Everyone was chattering about our party exclaiming how fun it would be continued


  1. Wow! What a fun and magical fantasy and I can't wait to read Part Two!

  2. Me too.
    It will only get more magical.

  3. Me too.
    It will only get more magical.