Saturday, May 21, 2016

Where Will I Be A Hundred Years From Now #3 #FixThePlus

As we walked the willow trees bowed down to us tickling the tops of our heads gently swaying in the air waltz that only they heard. Everyone was chattering about our party exclaiming how fun it would be continued

     Where Will I Be A Hundred Years From Now? fun it would be to take rides on my pet magical giraffe named Nellie if she was around. Going around the bend I could see my grass covered cottage built around a five-hundred-year-old Webber tree who was busy shaking her branches at the cawing crows flying trying to land on her branches. Shew, fly away you ugly birds you nosey, loud thieves, shew!

I could see that +Jill Cartlidge , +Nikki DeMc were over admiring my small waterfall with the tiniest of glow fish that darted under rocks coming back out again. Hi, you guys I called out. I'm so glad to see you. Calling out hello they walked around in wonder. "Your yard is so pretty they exclaimed" to which I agreed.

I owe it to Clump I explained, he was the watcher of my part of the woods collecting pretty colored shells and rocks all wove into a brilliant path around my little home. Mr. Clump came walking up with  +Mike Raven+Jeremy Crow, and +S. Bradley Stoner looking like a miniature Gnome with the men towering above him. He had been making an ale out back asking if anyone wanted a glass.

Out of nowhere Yoda the Farey came riding in on her steed Bumblebee calling out we are all ready with the music to dance and listen to! Oh, it was going to be a party no one would forget....

Stay tuned for more magical storytelling from Grandma Rose.


  1. An ale making gnome? See, that proves it... there's no place like gnome!

  2. I'd love a ride on that Giraffe, just sayin' ...

  3. Sounds great, especially the ale :)

    1. I knew you would like that part of the story lol