Sunday, January 3, 2016

Shew...That Made Me Smile

I'm a hoarder. Not enough for an intervention or a T.V. show but I like to keep things because I just know I will use it someday. Even if the objects are covered in dust. I'll just blow off the dust when I need it. I'm also systematical.

I had a horrible head cold for New Year's Eve. Happy New Year to me~ah-choo~sniff sniff~ Needless to say, I had no energy to keep up with anything bloggish just Facebook to keep up with my family and only there briefly with tissue stuffed up my nose making me look like another nationality.

I'm getting to the smiling part, be patient.

I take a deep breath and log into my email account. Crap there is 84 emails waiting for me. Evidently life continues on for those who are not sick. How dare they. I reply to a few emails and post some for my buddies who are connected to The Whacko Blog like this one.

I go back to my emails and start deleting the ones from Pinterest and Twitter. They are just alerts. I read my favorite blogs and my tummy rumbles. I look at the time and hours have gone by. No wonder I'm hungry.

So I take a deep breath and delete it all. Now that brings a big grin to a face that no longer in danger of a nose snot overload. Gross but true. I have a peanut butter on butter toasted Wonder bread with a nice scary new horror show to watch and call it a day.

I can also cheat and call it a Resolution.

Is there anything that you do that makes you grin and sigh in relief? I love stories so do tell.

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