Thursday, January 28, 2016

Smile, Like A Robot.

Sometime, I'm not really sure when it was, I decided to be a happier person. It was a daunting task, most of my life has been spent certain that things were not going to work out. It was a practice of taking things that had been mostly decent, and events more or less positive and mining them for dark, secret, disturbing meaning. And when something bad would happen, and no life is without some pain, it confirmed my belief that existence was a catastrophe.

I spent a lot of years hiding behind addictions, which only served to bolster the illusion of persecution. Then one day it hit me. Why would life take the time to crush my spirits? What made me so important that fate would make the effort to make me miserable. Out of all the people in the world was I that important? Probably not.

But, how does a person shake off the self imposed shackles of gloom? I wasn't sure.

I started a blog, using it to expose my doubts and fears, it was a good start. Taking small things, and turning them into drama online left them exposed, vulnerable. It was no longer personal, not me against "them." "They" were now fighting a world of my creation, and "they" were losing.

Next, was a more healthy diet, vegetables, fruit, water. And coffee, of course. Coffee, first aid for the soul. Eating right makes everything seem better.

Exercise, ah the sweet pain of exertion. When I was young the Hub Bar was my reward, my escape. It was a welcome sight, and often just the thought of a cold beer and a shot of schnapps would get me through. Now, it is the gym. Weights, cables, resistance and aerobics are the way I unwind. After a grueling day the sweat and toil are blessed relief.

This post was supposed to be a list. Steps toward being happier, but that will have to wait. You are busy, and we have gone on long enough. The list will come later.

Each day you should do one thing to make be happier, if you don't know what, don't worry, a list is coming.

To close, here is a picture of me and a smiling robot, who can resist a smiling robot?


  1. I like that you added coffee to your healthy diet list. I'm having some now. :) In a few days, I get my Beachbody diet plan, Shakeology shake mix, etc., and I'm hoping I can still have coffee.

    1. I raise my coffee cup and give you a toast. Good luck with Beachbody! I hope you can take the time to tell us about it!

    2. Coffee is what makes my world go around. I can relate, when we were younger most of us gave it a hell of a go ruining our livers. Then one day wake up to ut-oh and head for the nearest gym. I used to lift a bar-bell in my 30's. Now I lift a 16 oz. cup of coffee!