Monday, February 1, 2016

Smiles All Around

This morning I got a Skype call from my son Tysen who is in the Airforce. We were on Facebook, at first, being that I don't own a cell phone as of yet so that's the way I communicate.

He asked me which made me happy, we had a very nice chat. I got to see his room which is small sharing with a roommate who Tysen told me is glad he keeps his side clean.

He will be deployed for six months and thank the heavens for technology. I also got his address and I will send a letter with something little in the envelope. Anyways that's the plan.

I live and breath for my children and am so grateful they are so good at staying in touch even if they live so far away.

Are you a long-distance parent or grandparent yourself? I love stories so do tell.


  1. I'm not a mother or a grandmother, but I do have a nephew in the Air Force now. He's stationed in Montana. I missed him at Christmas time. Yes, thank God for technology. I hope that will help you feel in touch with your son, even while he's far away.

    1. Montana is a place on my bucket list.

  2. I have two sons one of which, like you, I keep in very close contact with via Skype because I am in Crete and he is still in the UK. Sadly, I am not in contact with my other son. In my case, I always remember the saying, 'a son is a son 'til he gets him a wife; but a daughter's a daughter all her life.'