Thursday, February 25, 2016

Breaking An Addiction

Not all addictions have to be drugs or booze. There are good addictions and bad addictions. One of those addictions 'was' Facebook's Farmville 2. It was one of those love/hate relationships where we would fight and then make up merrily clicking away. Well, Farmville 2 will no longer play with my emotions for I have reached the end of my virtual farming rope. You are out of my life for good! I will go on Facebook, that's where my friends and family are but I will go in with sunglasses and a big floppy hat on.

Here is the 'Dear John' letter I sent to them:

Dear Farmville 2,

YOU SUCK. I could just leave it at that but I'm not. You started out as this little plot of land with visions of a big thriving farm. Oh, the fun we were going to have. It started out innocent enough. Plant some crops, buy a chicken or two watching you grow and thrive. Your animals 'moved', oh how cute I said. This is going to be so much fun! Working hard the first plot of land I bought was so awesome. Little sheep would come, or was it goats, and eat up all the grass and presto, more room for more soil, animals and trees.

Sending 'presents', receiving presents, winning awards, oh what fun we had. If I went abroad vacationing leaving you for a week or two you would lure me back in by giving me something awesome, like water! Oh the excitement. I'll come back to you my love never to leave you again. Day after day I planted, grew, bought, fed, watered watching you growing into an even bigger farm. Holidays and parties were thrown, the world was a better place with you in it.

One year went by, then another, I was so happy I had finally found my one true love learning about plants and trees I had never heard of before. You were so educating. I will stick with you forever. Until that day came when you got a little too big for your FarmVille 2 britches. Your true colors were coming out, each time I forgave you but I was becoming moody, withdrawn, determined to get the old happiness back. We had such good times together.

I told you not to get jealous. You can love two things at once. I had enough love for both of you, so I became a blogger anyways. You froze up on me time and time again. The yelling, the swearing, the pleading did nothing to make you change so Farmville 2, goodbye forever.

Grandma Rose

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