Thursday, February 11, 2016

Make A New Friend Day

First off seeing that there was a bit of confusion over one of my earlier humorous posts this is where I get the days and events for that day for inspiration. Holiday Insights February.

Today is every day for one such as me, lover of new experiences, people, and life. Make A New Friend Day doesn't necessarily always mean of the human persuasion either. You could go out and get a puppy. In fact, I was referred to puppies once because of my friendliness.

Or you can call up an old friend and catch up, maybe send an e-card to a friend just to let them know you care. I usually send something with a bit of humor, I don't think that surprises you at all.

When I first got my computer many moons ago my first thought was excitement at being able to make new friends that otherwise I would never have met. It's been a great trip so far.

Make A New Friend Day is every day for this girl.

100 Exquisite Adjectives
By Mark Nichol

I love words and came across a list of them. I'm going to add a word a day to my posts as long as I don't forget.

Word #24 Effulgent: brilliantly radiant

She was effulgent in her performance at the opera.


  1. Very nice, Sheryl. I don't know if I can make it a goal to make a new friend on this exact day, but I've made several new ones since joining Google +, including you, so Happy Make a New Friend Day! :)

  2. It seems I am often making new friends, particularly online friends, which is great, because I like "penpals," er, computer keyboard pals? I made a new writer friend at my church. She is new to the church, single and in her 40s like me, and a writer, so four or five people from church approached me, suggesting she and I should be friends.

  3. To all my friends on Google + you have a friend in me 😊