Sunday, March 13, 2016

Smile and Say Hello

As a rule, when I go out for a walk and see someone walking up and passing me I will smile and say hello. When a car goes by and it's coming towards me I will smile and wave a hello. It's just my nature.

When I went for my last walk I had walked up to where the bridge is turning left to continue over the water under the bridge. It's a two layered bridge! Coming towards me in the distance I see a figure coming towards me dressed in what I call 'rapper's clothes' but that's okay, each to their own. As the figure gets closer this person has a baseball cap on so I can't tell male or female yet but as we close in on each other I smile and say hello, how are you today?

'She' is wearing the baseball hat with shortish white hair coming out, dark sunglasses, a big hoodie, dark blue, baggie shorts, short socks and tennis shoes. When she opened her mouth I could see gaps where she used to have a tooth and she replied the same back to me. I have befriended or been friendly with all sorts of people from all walks of life so to me this was just one more.

When she asked me how I was I turned telling her I was a new grandma with one on the way. She tells me she's pregnant which mentally one eyebrow went up, and it's her third one. All I could picture was little baby rappers running around.

As I made my way up to the store, I got what I wanted returning home I see this young woman again coming in my direction (that's how small our town is) again so I call out, "wow you sure get around"! to which I got the rapper's 'what's up nod' and I say this with a big smile.

It's surprising what you can glean out of a very short time of contact.

Do you say hello when your out for a walk?


  1. No, not really, but I should.


  2. Out here in Crete, you wouldn't dream of walking by anyone with out speaking to them. I often have Cretans beeping their horns as they drive past, waving at me from across the street or talking to me in the supermarket. Sometimes I can't even remember where I have met them; sometimes, only once when introduced by another friend in a taverna, but from thereafter they will remember me, AND my name, and say hello. I find it incredible when I return to the UK, as it seems there to be the exact opposite. People avert their eyes as they walk by each other in the street because they find it is easier than saying hello.