Monday, April 25, 2016

How Does One Get Bored Of Life ?? - Osric Chau...A Million Dollar Question ??? Just A Little Effort Figuring Out..:-)

Hi Everybody I Can See Or Even Not See...Thats is the power of A Vast Technology..( good n Bad Included )

To begin with - Let me Thank Tim Clark n his Blog of Life Explained ( mind you I think he has taken on A Big Responsibilty of Explaining The Unexplainable...Can Only Be Lived..strived For and If Thrive Happens - so Much Better ) but thanks to him for actually allowing me to write my Radical Thoughts ..That's Brave of Him...LOL

Anyhow - As The Topic ( again acc to me - its a very inane topic Coz at least i have never gone through the Bored aspect...Angry , Pissed Off , Impatient but Never Bored...Life is too damn Vast for me in terms of Beauty , Emotional Cartwheels , Relationships Confusions To Be Bored...So why write About It ???

The reason i thought of this topic - Mainly after a conversation I was having with my son..who is learning the ropes of Responsibilty ( financial and emotional ) ..Learning to be on his own and like every person of their genre expecting Loads of Fun always..and probably getting bored the minute Loads of Fun Not happening Always ...Had to explain - its normal ...its ok to be Doing nothing with everybody all the time ( though i feel thats a cultural aspect of being Indian - we do have people around us always..LOL ) and not to mention i am a misfit in that case scenario...To cut it short...Bored happens when we do not know what to do with our own selves and have loads of time on our hands..Next step to boredom - diverges 2 ways...1 ) Find a hobby or an interest or 2 ) give in to it and bore others by talking about it...LOL ( btw for that too you need people around ...So step 1 works..To make things even better within those 2 days - got 2 People more telling me they are Bored to Tears or Bored outta their Wits...So here i m talking about a Topic as Mundane as That...Honestly speaking would like the views about it from you guys...

For me Boredom is the Next Step to Try out New Stuff...New Ideas...New People..And open yourself to things you have never done before...Might work or Might Not work...But the listlessness that Boredom Brings goes away...

Leaving You Guys with A Quote By Friedrich Nietzsche ..Took it from Life the way you want to is the Only Way To Live It..So Bored aint an option...:-)

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  1. Nice to see one of my favorite people writing for one of my favorite blogs :)