Thursday, April 28, 2016

Pitbulls and Babies

I went out a little earlier to get a couple of things, walking of course.

I was able to wear my pretty dye-tied shibori dress with my black sweater.

I had taken off my glasses because they kept slipping down my nose.

I see a figure of a person and their dog ahead of me in the distance.

As I got closer I felt a twinge of excitement, is that a Pitbull?
I put on my glasses and sure enough, it's a young girl with a white Pitbull.

As they close in the distance from me I can clearly see really is a Pittie.
My favorite kind of dog in the whole wide world.

Delighted I bend down to pet this adorable half grown Pitbull who wags her tail.
I asked for the puppies name which is Vera who poured out puppy love.

I continue on making my stop at Rite-Aid laughing with the clerks.
I get done there and make my way up to the Family Dollar.

I go in, get what I need and as I'm leaving I hold the door for a father
who had the cutest little baby.

All this joy and what I consider luck when I see either a puppy or a baby.
I hardly noticed those nasty little trolls banging away at all my joints.

I'm so glad I went out for sometimes it's just easier to stay at home.
What gives you great joy when you run into it?

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