Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tips On Using Cortana on Windows 10

Earlier I told Grandpa Rose I wanted to post on Life Explains Smiles for Tim Clark! I just had posted on The Whacko Humor blog for Jeremy Crow and was finally in a humorous mood wanting to keep up the momentum.

Both Grandpa Rose and I are still learning about Windows 10. Earlier we had used 'Cortana' trying her out. Grandpa Rose has this deep baritone voice and asked a question getting led to a site that had nothing to do with his question.

I would tell you the question but we are now officially old-timers with absolutely no memory it would seem. It's time to use those sticky notes!

Remembering that I exclaimed, "I can blog about Cortana using her directing me to the wrong site as my humor post". Let's ask her some questions. I click on the Ask Me Anything microphone in the right-hand corner signaling G. Rose to talk ready to laugh.

Wouldn't you know that suddenly she could hear again getting all the sites question after question. Damn you Cortana!! You have spoiled my post!

Alas, I was quite worn out from my little outing to my local grocery store which I had stayed in all winter getting a ride so I wouldn't break my neck on the slippery ice and snow. My legs aren't used to walking again so I'm a little on the sore side. Damn you ice and snow!

Now with fibromyalgia, you never know what parts of your body are going to be affected this being day two of my getting out walking. When I got to the grocery store happily getting this and that I feel a twinge in my toes, in both feet! Then both of my calves muscles started sending out pain signals as well. Damn you fibromyalgia! I stand very still and thank goodness it didn't go into full out cramping. 

As I'm making Pumpkin Spiced Gourmet coffee I'm telling G. Rose the story adding I'm so happy I was able to remain standing because if all four parts, feet, and calves had started cramping I would have been laying on my back in the middle of the grocery store.

As I'm holding G. Rose's rapt attention at my marvelous storytelling I told him that's okay if I fell, I'd just tell anyone who bothered to ask that I love laying on the floor the views so much better down here pointing towards a stocked shelf to tell the clerk, "You gotta clean right there."

This is all Cortana's fault and I think she made it snow too! By the way, Cortana, #FixThePlus while your at it.

100 Exquisite Adjectives by Mark Nichol

I love learning new words or being reintroduced to one. I ran across a list of them and will add a word a day.

Word#47 Irksome: annoying

In a sentence: Cortana can be very irksome even when she is listening.

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  1. I've had quite a bit of fun talking to Cortana, I found that it took ages to set up, but once all done it's quite effective. I must admit however to spending some time swearing at her just to see what happens.